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Dr. Robert J. McGowan
Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

Maryann C. Cappello
Program Leader for Athletics



Friends of Cambridge Athletics (FOCA)
Sports Hotline: 617-349-6019

Winter 2010 Grants

Grants totaling $15,437 are split into two pies for ease of reading:

FOCA Grants 2008

The following Program Development grants have been approved:

•   Baseball 20 warm-ups
Boys Basketball
15 game jackets/pants
Girls Basketball 15 game jackets/pants
Crew Rigging equipment
Football Plyometric training @ Russell Field House, 10 hrs/wk for 10 wks
Golf Consultant/training materials
Girls Hockey Power skating consultant
Rugby 22 uniforms
Girls Soccer Injury prevention program in conjunction w/MGH
•   Softball Pitching & hitting clinics
•   Swimming/ Diving Banner for pool deck
Girls Tennis Strength & conditioning products
Boys Outdoor Track Training @ CRLS Weight Room
Girls Track Plyometric training @ CRLS Field House
•   Wrestling 20 warm-ups

Number of teams requesting grants:  16
Number of requests granted:  15
Number receiving 100% of funds requested:  15

FOCA supports CRLS athletes with Semi-Annual grants.  Team coaches may make grant requests in Fall and Spring each year for specific items or services that directly benefit athletes.

FOCA considers a number of criteria in distribution of grants, including: team participation in FOCA fundraisers, reasonableness of request, existing team funds, and availability of funding from CPSD Athletics Department.

FOCA Grant Application


The Friends of Cambridge Athletics (FOCA) began in 1998 when a group of parents and community members came together to develop a citywide effort to support the continued development and expansion of after-school sports programs as an integral part of Cambridge's Health, Physical Education, and Athletics program.

This is an all volunteer group of parents who work closely with and support the Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics and coaches. FOCA's first annual meeting as an official non-profit organization (501 C3) was held on March 14, 2000. In the past year, FOCA assumed responsibility from the City of Cambridge for administering all of its funds, including monies generated by and dedicated to individual team accounts.


Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through June. Starting in September 2007, meetings will be held from 6 to 7:30 PM in the RSTA Conference Room (R123) at CRLS.


FOCA organizes and participates in three fundraising events each year: the Fall Walk-a-Thon; Winter Raffle; and Spring CityRun. The first $25 raised at each event by an athlete goes into FOCA's Program Development account. Every additional dollar raised by that athlete is dedicated to her/his team account to be allocated by coaches for team needs.


This booster club's purpose is to assist in the development and funding of athletics in the Cambridge public schools. Its specific goals are to:

  • Promote gender equity in Cambridge athletics by increasing athletic opportunities for girls;
  • Build a strong foundation for team and club sports at the high school by creating and enhancing ninth grade sports opportunities;
  • Provide strong support and guidance for club sports, helping them to take on the responsibilities of seeking team status and gaining that status;
  • Undertake a variety of fundraising activities to promote these goals;
  • Support the booster clubs of individual teams and clubs;
  • Sponsor recognition activities for students, athletes, and coaches;
  • Foster civic participation by students, athletes, parents, staff, and other interested community members; and
  • Encourage and support the academic achievements of student athletes.

Benefits Provided by FOCA

  1. Raise and distribute thousands of dollars for program development to help teams, such as crew, girls ice hockey, and lacrosse get started. In the 2002 Fall Program Development round, the Girls and Boys Tennis teams received $1,000 to buy a new and much needed ball machine.
  2. Raise and distribute thousands of dollars for program development to help existing teams buy equipment, clothing, special consultants, and other items that are not eligible for city funds but make a difference to athletes and coaches. For example, Girls and Boys Volleyball teams received $840 to buy padded court chairs for team benches.
  3. Manage individual team accounts. As a non-profit organization, FOCA serves CRLS teams as a tax deductible organization for donors. FOCA set up a financial accounting system and processes all revenues and expenses on behalf of the teams. This benefit saves coaches, parents, athletes, and city staff many hours and ensures a legally and financially sound process.
  4. FOCA raises visibility and support for healthy teenagers by encouraging everyone to become involved in sports and to take academics seriously. We support tutoring programs, team celebrations, awards nights, college nights, and purchase of safety equipment.


  1. Supported the reinstitution of 9th grade teams
  2. Improved the safety of athletic activities through the purchase of equipment, preventative gear, and all weather clothing
  3. Helped get capital funding for a $3 million outdoor track facility at Danehy Park. Advocated for a $3.5 million field house and renovated football stadium at Russell Field; for major renovations of the War Memorial Building adjacent to the high school; and for additional recreational fields
  4. Raised approximately $100,000 this year
  5. Distributed over $27,800 in program development grants
  6. Established a hot line listing daily sports events and directions

Contact Information

Elaine O'Reilly, President
Moana Bentin, Vice President
Barbara Brammer, Treasuer
Mary Sutula, Secretary
Bob McGowan, Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Maryann Cappello
Program Leader for Athletics
Sports Hotline

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