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Grade K - 5: Programs and Opportunities

Below are categories of programs that serve many Cambridge Public Schools families and students. For more details, the DHSP Resource Guide contains a more extensive list of childcare and enrichment programs, conveniently organized by neighborhood, including some information on costs.

5-Day/Week Programs (Not located in CPS School Buildings)
Community Schools Programs and Enrichment Classes (Located in CPS School Buildings)
Other Programs Located in CPS School Buildings
FAQs for Kindergarten and Families New to Cambridge

Other Specialized Programs*:
*Please note that these are the primary – but in some cases not the exclusive – focuses of what the listed programs offer.

Additional Resources

DHSP Inclusion Initiative for Children
The Cambridge Department of Human Services (DHSP) welcomes individuals with disabilities who meet the basic eligibility requirements of the out-of-school time programs or who with the provision of reasonable accommodations will be able to meet the basic eligibility requirements. Families are encouraged to contact Nicole Horton, the Inclusion Specialist with questions regarding enrollment, types of services and the assessment process.

Individuals with Special Needs Program       
680 Huron Avenue | 617.349.6829
Evening, weekend and summer recreation programs for children and youth with special needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Agenda for Children
The Cambridge Agenda for Children supports out-of-school time programs to build quality and partner effectively with schools and families in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.