CPS Back-to-School Events

It's time for back to school! Get acquainted with your child's school by joining us for an open house or back-to-school festivity. The scheduled dates are as follows:

School Event Date/Time
Back to School Night

Baldwin Back to School Night
Cambridgeport Back to School Potluck
School Home Partnership Night

Dr. MLK Back to School Cookout
September 27 | 4 - 7PM
Fletcher Maynard Open House

Graham & Parks Open House for SEI Families
Back to School Potluck
Back to School Night

Haggerty School Back to School Night

Kennedy-Longfellow Back to School Night

King Open Welcome Back Coffee
Curriculum Night (Grades 1 & 2)
K Curriculum Breakfast

Morse Cheers or Tears Welcome Coffee (For K Families)
1st Annual Back to School Dinner Picnic in the Park

Peabody Picnic in the Playground August 29 | 5:30 - 6:30PM
Tobin Montessori Ice Cream Social
Back to School Night

Cambridge Street New Scholar Orientation
Block Party BBQ
Back to School Night

Putnam Avenue Back to School Night/Community Cookout

Rindge Avenue Back to School Potluck Picnic
Back to School Night
August 29 | 5 - 6PM
September 27 | 6 - 8PM
Vassal Lane End of Summer Potluck
Back to School Night

Cambridge Rindge & Latin Curriculum Night  September 20 | 6PM
HSEP Back to School Cookout
Open House

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