Innovation Agenda

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Report on CPS Goals 2010-12 and Innovation Agenda Benchmarks presented to School Committee

See the Upper School Curriculum Highlights Booklet and the Upper School Curriculum Night Presentation (WMP | Silverlight)

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project_adventure.jpgThe Innovation Agenda is an ambitious plan that will propel Cambridge Public Schools into the 21st century, and prepare all our students for life in a world we cannot fully imagine today. The Innovation Agenda is a design for excellent education rather than adequate education—merging Cambridge Public Schools’ twin goals of academic excellence and social justice.

The Innovation Agenda is a district transformation process that will continue to be developed and phased in over time. In September 2012, Innovation Agenda programming will launch with the creation of four upper school campuses serving students in grades 6-8. The new Upper School Program, designed and developed by CPS educators in the 2011-12 school year, will continue to be developed and refined in 2013-14 and beyond.  

The Innovation Agenda is designed to accomplish the following six goals, ensuring a quality educational experience for all students in Cambridge.

  1. To provide all Cambridge Public School students with a superior academic and social experience in their elementary and middle grades years that raises student achievement, eliminates achievement gaps, and develops 21st century skills
  2. To build a grade 6-12 pathway that ensures all Cambridge Public School students are well prepared for academic and social success in high school and post-secondary education
  3. To provide all students in special populations, such as special needs students and English language learners, with the same quality school experience provided to other students
  4. To expand professional development and collaboration opportunities for Cambridge Public Schools educators, improving educators’ experience and quality
  5. To ensure that Cambridge Public Schools facilities fully support the expectations and demands of the academic programs
  6. To ensure that the Cambridge Public Schools makes the best and most efficient use of resources in providing superior service to students

District Structure
Under the Innovation Agenda, the Cambridge Public Schools will offer:


  • Eleven elementary schools serving students in grades JK-5, including a Montessori school enrolling three-year-old students, and one school serving students in grades JK-8
  • Three language immersion opportunities: a JK-8 Spanish immersion school, a JK-8 Portuguese immersion program, and a Chinese immersion program that will begin enrolling Kindergarten students in fall 2011
  • A Cambridge wraparound zone, modeled on the Harlem Children’s Zone, that provides a continuum of integrated student and family support services
  • An Upper School Network consisting of four campuses located across the city, providing students in grades 6-8 with a challenging, enriching, and consistent Upper School Program
  • One high school with four learning communities

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